Sunday, September 15, 2013

RPG Hell: Mass Effect 1 Part 5

In part 5, we tackle the remaining Sidequests, and the Revelations at Virmire

RPG Hell: MAss Effect 1 part 5 by ShintaReviews

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  1. It's amazing how Cerberus somehow managed to survive since the First Contact War, in spite of their massive amounts of incompetence.

    Fun fact: Elanos Haliat (the Skyllain Blitz leader) was supposed to be a turian, not a human.

    Virmire still is my favorite mission of the game, but it does have a couple of big problems in it.
    1) It is far too easy talk Wrex down from wanting to save the genophage cure they thought was in the facility.
    2) There was no point or purpose to Sovereign talking to you. That for double for Saren's motivation speech near the end.