Saturday, July 12, 2014

Shinta's Take on: Brave Express Might Gaine.

Toqger Can only Imagine how awesome it could be if it were more like this forgotten brave robot series entry.

Shinta's Take on: Brave express might gaine by ShintaReviews


  1. Wait, Takara actually made a mech anime that is good? I always thought GaoGaiGar was made by Sunrise (even though I have not watch it yet), and I thought the only anime that Takara produced are the Pretty Rhythm series which now changed to the PriPara series and some other card game anime that I don't care.

    Wow, I wonder what other anime does Takara produced.

    1. Takara does toys. They contracted companies to make animated series for them. They contracted Sunrise for the Brave series.
      It's the same with Hasbro, to an extent.
      I'm pretty sure I was clear on that point.