Thursday, December 18, 2014

Toku Vlogs: December 18 2014

Take Two! Drive 0 adds nothing, Toqger 40 continues to build to an all-out shadow war, and Drive 10 has exposition dropped, but with poor execution via the director

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  1. Well then my thought on the basis of your review
    Drive 0: I agree with you on this because HONESTLY I was expecting alter ego for Proto-Drive now with the only that gave was hello bitch I sound like CHASE.....*sorry dude*.....,Kinda like you predicted that few vlogs ago maybe Chase related to Proto-Drive...That was total waste on the other hand I enjoyed the criminal plot here save if only it was not an extended back story like it appeared.
    ToQger 40: The theory of Z reminds me KR Chalice AKA Hajime Aikawa the Joker Undead and Yes I knew something worse may happen and it pretty much did...To be honest...I dont know what might be good after this.
    Drive 40: So they were all built in 99and then they.... eh...Thats weird/retarded/awful point you found it here and yeah the comedic parts on the chief and Intel guy what ever their names were seriously sucked and This secret leaked at once well its bad alright about that and Type Technique is so awesome on how he battled in the last one and here......... atleast we'll get to see Medic and KR Mach next week granted the female villains are so beautiful 0r sexy or both in KR and Super Sentai. I hate Mach's design and Cant wait for KR agito review part 2.
    PS I think Core Driviar are the central object for Roidmude etc since KR series had relation with Kaijins in the past seasons.