Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tokusatsu in review: Kamen Rider Agito part 5

Agito Concludes with the Overlord’s Hypocrisy, team Agito’s final stand, and the moment which made this reviewer join the Inoue hate-train.

Tokusatsu in review: Kamen Rider Agito part 5... by ShintaReviews

The show will be on Hiatus for a few weeks.  We will return in March with Travelers: Dimension Police.


  1. I honestly can't believe I'm about to say this about a Kamen Rider, Shouichi, Peter Parker is telling you to grow the hell up. As for Hojo, this guy is right up there with George Sewell from Silent Hill Downpour in terms of hateful cop characters. I'm just hoping that at some-point Anne Cunningham will show up and shoot Hojo in the face for being such a disgustingly hateful asshole. So long story short I'll be avoiding Agito like the plague.

  2. You know since you reviewed Jetman I got onboard the train than.I Realize your frustration on this series too now. I wonder how bad 555,Kiva etc are.
    Dammit Inoue Red Hawk wast enough and you had to ruin him (Agito) as well didnt you. But We never had that much of shots and Since I ignored these things while watching the series while I watched them I guess now It was total shit I just saw with so many flaws.
    Well I enjoyed the review despite I liked that show from my views.
    Good Luck Dude and Now We will see how Ryuki will be along with its atrocious counterpart Dragon Knight. In the end Toshiki Inuoue of all the tokusatsu writers you are truly the Emmy award for the worst ever (Cant believe he was also in zyuranger (MMPR's source).

    1. To be fair, Dragon Knight is actually a lot better than Ryuki. At least the plot in Dragon Knight is not that convoluted and pointless as in Ryuki, you see what I mean when you see the main series ending.

      As for the review itself, this is the reason why I stay away from most drama series. Because in most drama series, people act stupid, unprofessional, or not doing the obvious when misunderstanding happens just because of drama. Agito is one of those series that people act stupid for no reason. I can see some potential in Agito but it was hindered because of horrible execution, and I really REALLY want Hojo to die, but no, instead he gets a better life than Ryo. Hey kids, if you become an asshole, you can have a better life than a selfless person who is helping others for others' sake.

      I will be looking forward to Shinta's review on Ryuki, and Shinta, you really need all the luck and stress relieve technique you can get, cause Ryuki is really going to hurt you from the inside. Which is why I say you really deserve the rest. I wish you all the best.