Saturday, May 16, 2015

RPG Hell: Mass Effect 2 part 1

The show finally returns to mass effect and bioware’s stable of Role-playing games, with a sequel starring a Character who dies in the opening cutscene of the entry.
They get better, we swear!

RPG Hell: mass Effect 2 Part 1 by ShintaReviews


  1. All of the Council races have access to energy weapons in the form of the GUARDIAN Lasers. How these things only have a pitiful range of 10-60 km (or how they haven't dominated space engagements) in beyond me.

    As for the Collectors/Protheans, they're using a particle beam weapon on the ship and ground forces. The beam is moving too slowly to be an energy weapon.

    The Reaper's 'finger' beam is supposed to be (according to the Codex) a superheated projectile slug who main damage mechanism against enemy ships is thermal energy. But, the visuals contradict the codex, yet again, and depict them as actual energy beams of the visible light to infrared frequencies.

    1. yes, yes and yes. I usually don't think of those stupid defensive guns, as we never see then in the actual games.
      And yeah, the visual thing is why I think it's an energy weapon. but that was in part the exasperation at the entire thing, and taken from a 'first reaction' point of view, since no-one should have access to those aside from the reaper we just killed at that point in the timeline. Probably could have been clearer on that point.