Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tokusatsu in Review: Super Hero Taisen Grand Prix Part 4

The review finally reaches the race, and the newest Brand of Stupid from The Return of Shocker.

Tokusatsu in Review: Super Hero Taisen Grand... by ShintaReviews


  1. Yup Super Sentai has been trolled at this point and this movie just another kamen rider taisen that proves to a Gold Crown of stupidity and destruction of the foundations that you mentioned

  2. OMG! This Shocker group has been infected with the stupid disease by the Phantom Empire from Happiness Charge Precure, also made by Toei.

    FYI, the Phantom Empire is an evil organization that has taken over half the world, despite having generals that are EXTREMELY incompetent and stupid. Plus, there are MULTIPLE chance for them to actually have an ultimate victory, but they screw them up in a very, very dumb reason. And you want to know something even dumber, the generals are defeated by heroes who are equally just as dumb as them until the last 2 members joined.

    Yeah, you can tell that I hate that anime. But thank god for its superior successor.

    1. ...You do realize Shocker's trackrecord of stupidity dates back to the 70's right? Odds are the phantom empire is an Homage to Shocker. IT's just Yonemura's writing stupidity has acted as a multiplier for it here.

      Speaking of which: "Glitter force" I assume you're foaming at the mouth as a Precure fan?

    2. @Des Shinta
      True but the difference is that (if I remember correctly) Shocker never have the chance to take over half the world, let alone a single country. Their organization are also in hiding as well as acting in secret. Phantom Empire on the other hand, not only did they somehow manage to take over half the world, but their attacks are very open to the world that they became a world wide threat. The only reasons why they haven't taken over the world is because Precures are still protecting the world in each country, but there is the question of what happened to the countries which the Precure is defeated and sealed, well we will never know what happened to them cause it seems the writers never thought this through.

      But the reason for them not taking over the world that annoys me is that they are lazy and incompetent that they couldn't defeat newbies Precure when they could have beaten them very, very easily.

      There is one thing similar between them and Shocker is that they are dumb because the writers said so.

      And your question about Glitter Force, I haven't watched it and after reading some comments about the changes they made to the show, I am not going to bother trying to watch it.