Saturday, January 16, 2016

Shinta Reviews: Avatar the Last Airbender Book 1: Water

Season 5, Start up!
Shinta receives a request to talk about one of the most praised animated series of the last 20 years.  Does he have anything to say?

Shinta reviews: Avatar the Last Airbender Book... by ShintaReviews


  1. Thanks for reminding me of one of my favourite childhood to shows

  2. I think that today cartoons became more, well, as you said something not only for kids. It's for everybody. It's just marvelous how far we come. Avatar is one of my favorites, it's one of those shows I can watch in any language. It's just well written show but as you stated it does have those small nitpicks. I don't like much book 1. I just always felt it always lost where they were taking the plot next. Perhaps my only favorite season is, season 2. It's one of the well paced and well developed for its characters and built even more the world and add more to the lore of the series. My favorite character itself is by far Katara. I just love that loving and caring character. Reminds me a lot of myself in a lot of perspectives~

    I am soooo psyched for the next review, are you going to review all the franchise or just the first Avatar series?