Saturday, August 5, 2017

Tokusatsu in Review: W Returns Kamen Rider Accel And Eternal

TRIAL!  Keiichi hasegawa Gives the Terui’s a final focused story…that’s pretty superfluous considering they already completed their character arcs.

Tokusatsu in Review: W Returns Kamen Rider Accel by ShintaReviews

ETERNAL! Riku sanjou Concludes all of the Video W content with Exploring Katsumi Daidou’s backstory…and in doing so harms the view-ability of one of the best Kamen Rider movies made.
Toei does not learn.

Tokusatsu in Review: W Returns Kamen Rider Eternal by ShintaReviews

In addition, an update video on Real life issues and the future of the show:


  1. reggie mackenzie? you mean the one from the GX manga? huh, nice reference there shinta, now only if we had one for rabb...

  2. Nice review. And yeah, I actually thought that Kamen Rider Eternal's movie was even dumber than the Star Wars Prequels put together.

    1. Yeah, it kind of is. 'least the prequels improved some aspects of the reading of the original films. Like, say vader's choice to side with Luke in Return of the jedi. Lucas just needed, like with the original 2 films, people to bounce Ideas off of in developing the story, and someone to script doctor it. probably direct too, if SFDebris' documentaries on Star wars' development are any indication.
      I'm a bit of an apologist concerning the prequels as, I kid you not, I went to High school with Jake Lloyd. it was not happy times for the dude, and he does not exaggerate when saying playing Anakin in ep 1 ruined his life.

    2. Wow!!! I'm like speechless. But, hopefully, things have gotten better for Mr. Lloyd, these days.

      But, anyways. What are your overall thoughts on Ninja Steel, Kyuuranger and Kamen Rider Ex-aid, so far?

    3. If you've not been watching my Vlogs *points to youtube link over on the sidebar* Kyuuranger is absolute utter garbage worse than Ninninger.
      yes, I stand by that. It is worse than Ninninger. So I dropped it and told everyone I knew to stay the hell away from it and discussing it around me.
      Ex-aid has a problematinc first 12 episodes due to rushed pacing minimizing the time it needed to justify things It built on, but aside from one thing it's been really good.
      Ninja's better than ninninger, but that's not saying much. I haven't really kept track of it because the first two episodes were bad, and I didn't want to deal with the idiocy of it's source material again even through the lens of adaptation.

    4. Fair enough. I've just gotten to episode 25 of Ex-Aid and I am like halfway done with this show. So far, I am actually enjoying this show. But, I will not be watching Chou Super Hero Taisen any time soon, because if there is anything that Transformers: The Last Knight, Star Wars Episode II, and the fifth Pirates of the Carribean movie has taught that the fifth installment of a movie series always sucks. Yeah, and it's likely that this "fifth" installment of the Super Hero Taisen film series is gonna suck even more, because it's basically the exact same movie stuck on repeat. Thank God, I chose to watch the Kamen Sentai Gorider netmovies, instead.