Thursday, April 9, 2015

Toku VLogs: April 9, 2015

Nininnger backsteps to an issue they already addressed, while Drive tries to elaborate of Gou's character...and fails to present anything of true meaning

Dailymotion Mirror.


  1. For your asshole song you might want to watch Denis Leary's MV for inspiration on the Chorus. This could be something of Yankovician caliber if you pull it off right. As with Drive, could you tell that this was written by the guy that wrote the screenplay for MD Geist?

  2. Is it me or Riku Sanjo is ignoring things that messing with the shows. Gou is getting nowhere and I feel as if they will focus on Chase more after some time Perhaps you were right Gou's death.

  3. Know what would've good? If they explained Gou's hatred for Roidmudes.

    Supposedly that was going to be the plot of this episode as well. Not sure how accurate that information is though.