Saturday, May 14, 2016

Shinta reviews: Digimon X-Evolution

In lead-in to the long-awaited World 4 review, Shinta goes over the one Film that’s overlooked by the greater digimon fandom; the tale of Dorumon and the X-Antibody.

Shinta reviews: Digimon X-Evolution by ShintaReviews


  1. damm, i wish i knew this movie excisted. anyway, great review as allways, thogh the ending really reminded me of the end of linkara's review of spiderman planet of the sinbiote, so is analog man a glitch in a digimon game?

  2. I never realized that angle here where the creator's creations were surpassing the creator...because there wasn't much to the creator to begin with. Guess I gotta rewatch this...if I can find my own copy. I do see what you mean by Savers' rehashing this plot, but does the extremely simple nature of Yggdrasil's "intelligence" here apply there because I don't get the feeling it does.

    Also, while it's not all that relevant, I'm a little surprised that it wasn't brought up that, apart from Omegamon, all returning Digimon from the previous 3 seasons (well, 4, but RhodoKnightmon was only in that meeting scene, unseen, and only one short line) have their previous voice actors, giving us a sense of familiarity. Which in turn, brings up an oddity with Silphymon, as he's only voiced by Hawkmon's voice actor. I personally get confused with the theories that brings up, specifically this being proof that Silphymon is more of 02 Aquilamon's natural Perfect stage.

    Also, was it wrong for me to expect a Kamehameha joke for Dukemon X's Final Elysium?

  3. So how do you feel about the Cyber Sleuth game?