Saturday, May 7, 2016

Shinta reviews: Shin Onimusha the Movie

Turns out Onimusha had a movie made for the franchise.
...You really do not want to watch it.

Shinta reviews: Shin Onimusha the Movie by ShintaReviews


  1. HOLD IT! why do those black things in durarara look like shocker grunts?
    anyway i'm looking foward to the next aniversary episode. also i'm GLAD that it's just a matter of a few weeks untill you finally destroy digimon world 4 with the shingou axe's epicness

    1. Filing for a tV show, the skit was supposed to be part of a sentai/Rider parody.
      And unfortunately, I'm goign to ahve to spoil that your not going to see that...At this time. T aht gag was more as part of the Grand prix reviews due to it being...well, drive driven.
      It's like I had that thing with the lockseeds as the opening/end bits of The kamen Rider taisen reviews.