Saturday, September 26, 2015

.Hack//Retrospective: .Hack//Quantum

Three uninteresting characters take focus over a superior returning one in Funimation’s attempt to continue releasing the .hack series in the west.


  1. With the end of Quantum and the 3D movie after that, I could say that the .Hack franchise should either reboot the franchise to allow newcomers to restart the story from scratch (though it is hard to do at this point) or just let it die, but I wish the franchise won't end it like that, but with the way the stories has been told, I guess this is for the best.

    It is really sad that the franchise is only getting worst after Link, and I kinda thought Quantum could have been better if it is a standalone story that doesn't take itself seriously, just a story about a group of players having fun in the World.

  2. it's not just this its all of funimation as of late, i was watching one of their recent dub jobs and i literally heard them rip off pinky and the brain's catch phrase in a conversation between two girls

    1. that anime being haigane if you want to hear it for yourself granted its harem if your not into that but it just shows how they've both improved and dropped in quality