Thursday, March 20, 2014

We Do not Ruin Sentai: a Rebuttal

Just an archiving of something I wrote WAY back last year (~9 months) on Tumblr, it seems to be more and more common an need to do these days due to a LOT of people missing the point of the critique.
This is just a straight copy-paste of that, some minor details are less accurate than Expected, but the spirit of the matter is still the same.
Original post can be found here

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Toshiki Inoue Drinking game

Really should have posted this earlier, but just to make it an official list.

The Toshiki Inoue Drinking Game!

To be played whenever you watch a series Toshiki Inoue wrote on.

Once again, thanks to Ian Titular AKA Ukiyaseed of orends Range for inspiring this game.

And now, the list:

1. First off, take a shot Every time any of the characters are forced into a body of water. Be they thrown, Trip, Jump, shoved, fall, or whatever.
  • · Take another one if the method they enter the water involves a bridge.
  • · And a third if the person sent into the water is believed to be dead.

2. Take a shot every time a transformation trinket is used by anyone that is not their primary user.
  • · Take a second one if it happens to be Faiz’ rider gears.
3. Take a shot every time a new toy-based special weapon, enemy type, vehicle or power is used to defeat a new enemy, then appears to be forgotten. You can tell which these are, as they will be used between one and three times, then are completely forgotten; or are showcased and end up not being used again for five-to-ten episodes.

4. Take a shot every time there is a misunderstanding among the main cast that causes conflict OR a blatant failure to communicate that cannot be justified as part of characterization.

5. Take a shot every time there’s a love triangle.
  • ·  if the love story that causes the love triangle ends in some form of tragedy, take another
6. Take a Shot If a conflict is caused by a love triangle.
For those that are wondering, you should take three shots at once If there’s an argument that involves some type of love triangle: one for the fight, one for the romantic subtext, and one for the daily double of the two at the same time.

7. Take a shot if the recurring bad guys come in a multiple of four.

8. Take a shot any time a character gets Amnesia.

9. Take a shot when the final arc of the show leaves you wanting, is anticlimactic, or doesn’t really end the show that’s wrapping up.

10. Take a shot every time there’s a jerk or asshole character added to the cast.
  • Take another if and when it’s revealed the jerk has a heart of gold,
  • Take an additional two if the jerk is revealed to be an irredeemable asshole.
 Though You only need to take them when they’re added to the cast or have that revelation about them.

11. Take a shot EEEEEE~EVERY Time you find a recycled story plot you’ve seen in a previous Toshiki Inoue production, or a returning character you’ve seen in another of his productions…If you can remember it through the haze of alcohol poisoning.

12. (addendum by Matthew Rhodes) take a shot anytime a women has something horrible happen to them, like dying
  • Take two if the horrible thing that happens to the women is a direct result of either a love triangle or miscommunication 
13 (addendum august 2014): Take a shot anytime anyone dies while in a sitting position, due to an injury they took some time ago.

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