Saturday, September 28, 2019

.Hack//Retrospective (Remastered) : .Hack//Liminality part 3: the Case of Kyoko Tohno

In which it's once again addressed how Shinta screws up reviewing the Liminality OVA's by already having discussed the setting's backstory in prior coverage.
Eh, at least we can have fun with Kyoko's life story.

Monday, September 9, 2019

.Hack//Retrospective (Remastered) : .Hack//Outbreak part 2

With the full team together, the Seige on the cursed wave continues, As Lios comes around to our plan to deal with them.

.Hack//Retrospective (Remastered) : .Hack//Outbreak Part 1

With the damage continuing to spread through the system, the team suffers a crisis of resolve as the actions they've taken seem to make everything worse.
At least until a Knight of the Azure Sky enters the party.