Sunday, August 1, 2021

Shinta reviews: Super Robot Wars V Chapter 3: The Symphony of Fallen Angels

 In which Dragons and displaced Angels go to War.
Buckle up Kids, We also need to talk about the SEED series.

Shinta Reviews: Rockman.exe Episode 29

 Never try to match wits with a Snake.

Especially not one voiced by Freiza.

Shinta Reviews: Tail Concerto

 It's Cyberconnect2's 25th anniversary! (well it was earlier this year)
We're celebrating by looking at their first game.

Shinta Reviews: Rockman.exe Episode 28

The World tour proper sends Netto to the America equivalent.
...Man, remember when cartoonish villainy was kept to cartoons?

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Shinta Reviews: Super Robot Wars V Chapter 2: Parallel Rail Panic

 Armed interventions and the Brave hero who rode in on a Train.

Shinta Reviews: Rockman.exe Episode 27

Naruhisa Arakawa Idol Episode?
Naruhisa Arakawa Idol Episode.

Shinta Reviews: The Wonderful 101

 A patreon request returns us to Sentai styled content, with the re-release of a Platinum games WIIU game where YOU command the hero team!

Shinta Reviews: Rockman.exe Episode 26

We Return with The Second half of the Anime's first season, and as such...BEACH PARTY!
...can you tell why this episode might not have seen Western Broadcast?