Saturday, June 7, 2014

RPG Hell: Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII part 1

The Series that just Won’t Die returns to RPG hell, with Shinta explaining why even This game’s backstory Is wrecked by the monstrosity that is the Fabula Nova Crystalis

RPG Hell: Lightning returns Final fantasy XIII... by ShintaReviews


  1. Pretty good, all told. Informative, fairly interesting, with fairly good presentation. I don't think yelling suits you though. Just sounds sorta jarring.

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  3. As I saw this video I am honestly trying to figure out what is the worse told story. Lightning Returns, Southland Tales, Marville, or One More Day. But that is just a mute point since they all have various flavors of suck. But I honestly think that this game is the worse of all of them. It has worse science and kick religion in the groin worse then Marville, includes an even worse retcon then Spider-Man making a deal with Mephesto and is even more pretentious and nonsensical then Southland Tales. Coupled with the characters lack of other personality traits that does not relate to their motivation, I firmly believe that The 13's are what would have happened if Southland tales were written by David Cage. Since Motomu Toriyama seems to have as much knowledge of human emotions as that guy. And to quote the great James Sterling "Emotions, emotions, emotions, I know Ellen Page, emotions, emotions". Good luck getting through this nightmare and I will just be waiting for the clip of Count Dregon chewing out his crew for their incompetence.