Wednesday, June 11, 2014

RPG Hell: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII part 2

Shinta finally begins the game…and how awful it’s gameplay mechanics are instituted.

RPG Hell: Lightning returns Final fantasy XIII... by ShintaReviews


  1. Great review. I have a few questions to ask that is not related to the game review:

    1. Which is the best game console in your opinion, the PS3 or the WiiU?
    2. What do your opinion on the ending of the Madoka Rebellion movie?

    By the way, thanks for answering my previous question.

  2. I only got a Ps3 last year, and I don't have a WIIU, so I'm not a good judge.
    And I've not gotten to seeing the Rebellion movie...Though I've seen the rest of the series and gotten spoilers for it.
    ...Homura, WHY~!?

    1. I once again say thank you for answering. One more thing, if you think you only scream WHY to Urobuchi's characters, try playing/watching the Dangan Ronpa series, I am very sure that you will scream more than 1 character WHY in a single game/season.

  3. So... in other words Lumina is Lightning's Shadow. I mean think about it, she is supposed to be everything about Lightning that she is trying to repress while acting like an evil psychopathic creature. And by that I mean she is a shadow written by a complete moron. So she's Kyubey mixed with a Shadow from Persona 4 only 1000 more hateful than both of them combined. Hey, um guess what guys THIS IS NOWHERE CLOSE TO PERSONA 4! Why, first off, that game the shadows were actually given an explanation as to what their deal was. Second, and most important, THE GAMEPLAY AND STORY DON'T SUCK!