Saturday, June 21, 2014

RPG Hell: Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Part 5

The root of chaos is confronted…with no explanation ever given for series contradictions. Is anyone even surprised?

RPG Hell: Lightning returns Final fantasy XIII... by ShintaReviews

RPG Hell: Lightning returns Final fantasy XIII... by ShintaReviews


  1. (Through gritted teeth) SO, Lightning is going to be in Kingdom Hearts 3, OH GOOODY >:( Also I really want to spoil what I know about Hope. But then again I think it will just be easier for me to keep my trap shut. What I really want is to see Spoony completely lose his shit when he eventually reviews this game. I can see him taking at least two videos ranting about how Odin being a Chocobo makes no frigging sense. Maybe when he reviews 13-2 he will do the same thing he did in his 13 review and take back everything he said about 10. So now we've dealt with Noel, Sazh and Caius. Now to smack some sense into Vanille and do what we have all wanted since the first game, BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF SNOW! On a side note, did you notice how Snows voice actor Troy Backer seems to keep getting cased as characters that in some way have a screw loose? I mean off the top of my head he played Kanji from Persona 4, The Joker in Arkham Origins and Booker Dewitt in Bioshock Infinite. Hell just recently he is playing the villain in the Far Cry 4 trailer, a guy who took a selfie with you, AFTER HE STOMPED A GUY TO DEATH! Seriously did Troy just get typecasted? I can't be the only one who noticed this.

    1. Oh I am going to love seeing your response to The Snow encounter on Wednesday.
      And the Typecasting for Troy Baker Predates Snow Villiers.
      Yes, I will be loving Spoony's reviews of 13-2 and this game when he gets to them. For while I point out almost everything wrong I can and ways these narratives could easily have been fixed when possible, I acknowledge I am not consistently Funny. Spoony is Hilarious.

    2. If the encounter with Snowball is anything like Chochodin I will be waiting with bells on my feet. Also on the Spoony thing, it doesn't matter if you're funny or not, just as long as you have something to say and know people who will listen. But the one thing that makes me a sad panda is the fact that we are still not done with the Fabula Nova Crystallis. Though 15 at least has a chance, from what I could see on the net, none of the three stooges are working on it, and although it is being run by Tetsuya Nomura the characters don't look stupid, mostly just black suits and what not. I guess he finally learned to K.I.S.S. And most important the only thing that seems to be sticking from this mess is mention of Etro and the unseen gate. I guess that Nomura knew what these guys had was worse then a first graders attempt at writing fan fiction so he just cherry picked what was consistent and took it from there. Hopefully it will be good, especially since he's borrowing the combat system from Kingdom Hearts, and I love that series. Speaking of which as long as Lightning's involvement in 3 means that I get to fight her and Snow I'll be good, especially since their KH counterparts will hopefully have no mention of this nonsense in their back story.