Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Upcoming Events and general Updates

Hi...The people who will find this post long after it's been placed.  Been a while since I updated this last, though there's not been much to post.
Anywho, I'll be going to some live events soon that those that find this blog my be interested in.
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  The First is the MS Walk, held Nationwide.  It's a fundraiser whose proceeds go towards developing medicine and finding a cure to Multiple Sclerosis, a Brain Disorder which affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other.  My Mother is afflicted with the disease, and has been since I was born, though during her pregnancy with me it went into remission until a few years ago.  Anyways, I've been performing the walk with regularity for the last two decades, and thought I'd mention it for those that would desire to get involved, donate, or Just take a mild walk with a bunch of people for charity.
I'll be performing the walk Sunday, May First at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Location.  Though there are many other sites where it is taking place.  If interested, Click the link to find a site near you.  Not all walks are performed on the same day.

Second, It's Nearly time for Anime Central!  May 20 though the 22, at the Donald Stephen's convention center in Rosemont Illinois, is a comparatively small but fun convention Hosting panels, Gaming, Anime, a bunch of Swag vendors, and Art Dealers.  last year, one of the booths Held a trio of Event Pokemon:  A Shiny Mudkip, a Absol, and a Level 100 "MurderKarp" Magikarp, which knew a quartet of High-power moves (none of which were Splash, Tackle, or Flail).  And Lets not forget the cosplay community!  If you'd Checked my DA account, you would have seen a mass amount of cosplay photo's of those I encountered at the convention.  I'll be there to take in the Panels, the Yugioh Tournaments, Grab me a MG 00 Raiser (being released Next month), and find some possibly some other rare items one usually only find on specialty websites...Like Kamen Rider henshin belts, Gurren Lagann Mecha figurines, and older-release anime disks.  I'm not sure who in the various fan communities might be attending, but Official Guests have started to be announced on the convention's website.  Might be a bit late to promote to those who aren't in the nearby area, for reservations and trip scheduling, but I'd thought I'd mention it none-the-less.
I know, I know, that's the Weekend the New Pirates of the Caribbean film is released, but worry not!  There's a movie theater Two Blocks west of the convention center, for those who would like to view the film after a day at the con.

In concern to my efforts to develop a web-series...It's stalled out for the moment.  Classwork and trying to find a Job for the summer has taken up a large portion of my free time as of late--Also contributing to the lack of update material.  I have a few weeks off between the end of my exams, and have already scripted out a few 'find my groove' review episodes on various media, and filmed a few during a small window  during spring Break a few weeks back...But the takes and recording I made I'm embarrassed with (I kept screwing up my lines), and I feel I could do better with a bit more time.  This is something I don't feel I want to abandon, as I've wanted to find a medium to express myself in for some time.

Also, as an addendum to my analysis on Power Rangers Samurai, I've been continuing to follow the series, and I have to say that some of my issues with it have diminished.  I still hate the mega-mode thing, and  the direction of the series Has still made it a pointless American original production (They could have kept the Japnese footage and not needed an edit with it considering the direction the series has taken so far), And the 'Samuraizers' are still inferior to the Shodo Phone due to the lack of the brush mode, but I like how they cast a Power Rangers Alumni (Rick Medina, who played Cole Evans the Wild Force Red Ranger), as the antagonist character Deker.  It's homage stuff like that I enjoy, along with the few minutes an Episode Bulk and Spike are featured.  I do hope they end up having Spike take up the Shinken Gold role of the adaptation, he's quirky enough to work for it.  They still have not gotten around to an origin episode, and the season is nearly 1/4th done.
  A related irritation I do have is Saban's recent approval of The re-run of the first season of Power Rangers as the series' eighteenth Season.  While the 20th aniversary would still occur during an adaptation of Gokaiger...if they ever get to that series, That would make for 21 seasons, so a 20 in 20 analogy would be moot.  And I personally am one for symmetry.

Lastly, WHY has the Internet gone crazy for My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic?  I only get basic cable in the Dorms, so no Hub channel, but from the clips I've seen it's not exactly that special.  Now, personally, I've never been a big fan of anything Involving Lauren Faust (the series creator), or the work of her Husband Craig McCracken (PowerPuff Girls and Fosters Home for imaginary Friends), and I do admit there are some Meme-esque things from the clips that could add to the popularity--Or scenes which can repopularize older memes--but I just don't get it.  It's Ponies.  PONIES!  Young Horses who have somehow gained the eternal interest of little girls in the desire to own one.
...Okay, apparently there's also a Dragon, developed stories that cover a wide basis of topics, romance overtones, and a greater battle of good versus evil, but still I can't view it right now--Both from a lack of time, and lack of access--So I can't make a firm conclusion to it's quality, only wonder at the notoriety.

Wrapup clip for this post is of MLP mixed with the theme to Warner Brother's glorious Pinky and the brain.  Enjoy:

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