Friday, February 24, 2012

Shinta Reviews: Guyver

Shinta takes a look as one of the earlier adaptations of a Japanese series, Featuring named actors.
Prepare for suckage.

Shinta reviews: The Guyver by ShintaReviews


  1. so... Sean's (Or is it supposed to be spelled Shaun? Shawn, perhaps?) suit comes out of two nipples that developed on the back of his neck? That's... odd.

    Also, the black guy transforms into a Jar Jar Binks lookalike... huh...

    Also, there's no audio during the second transformation sequence, and after you say "Then this happens" until you say "Can you see why I hate this character?"

    Also, I LIKED JLU's The Question.

    Also, at least Sean/Shaun/Shawn isn't an Irregular Webcomic character. Then he would've been friendzoned by death.

    So... the boobs of doom thingies were some sort of concussion blast/flamethrower mix?

    1. Efff., Thanks for the heads up on that Kp. Will look to fix that soon.
      The megasmasher is more of a pure plasma or positron blast...Except int he movie, where it's just an explosion followed by a delayed explosion.

    2. I meant the movie version was a concussion blast/flamethrower mix.