Sunday, October 21, 2012

Series Subtitle Updates 1: Kamen Rider X Hardsubs

Okay, here's how this works;

When I find an updated copy of a Series I've reviewed before with partial and or nonexistant Subtitles that has now obtained them, I'll update with this minor entry.
In this Case, Kamen Rider X is the one that has had the update, with the full series now featuring subbing.
The Sub Team is Bunny Hat.  And before now I had not heard of them.  for the most part they appear to be a host for Raws and Hardsubs for other factions of the fansubbing community.
And BOY, are the X subs Hardsubs.

Hardsubs, for those not in the know are the most basic Level of subtitling, where they take the words spoken and run them through a translator, then make sense of the dialogue that comes.  this is the kind of dialogue that would go on to create such Meme's as "All your base".
Softsubs are the next level up, providing translation that is less rough, and the dialogue appears more like something one would say in real life.

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