Thursday, May 9, 2013

Super Megaforce is Continuing to Not look Good.

Sooo~o It's been quite a week of news about Super Megaforce, started off when we heard news that Rhett Fisher (Ryan Mitchell, Lightspeed Titanium Ranger) was refused a guest appearance. You know, the expectation of seeing past rangers as was expected for both a proper anniversary and to play off the Gokaiger thing.
Unfortunately, Johnathan Tzachor and company are going against the grain and being lazy. Again.
We've known they were keeping the Goseiger suits instead of performing a complete change to The Gokai Suits for a while now, despite that making for a majorly increased cost of production. But news has repeatedly broken about their policies this week, and it's not good. To go in tandem with the Rhett Fisher snub, and the massive budget needed to reshoot battle scenes in Goseiger, they're excluding PR-original rangers from the show. No Titanium Ranger, No Phantom Ranger, No Spirit Rangers (Though I'm torn on that last one, honestly. I hate Jungle Fury.)
And then, Karen Ashley (Aisha, 2nd MMPR Yellow) let slip why the number of past rangers cameoing would probably be rather low.
Not long after, Matt Austin (Bridge, SPD Green--Promoted blue--promoted red) Informed the internet that The production hasn't even bothered contacting the majority of the Disney-Era teams with an E-Mail that was sent to most of the remaining former cast.
Suffice to Say, Jonathan Tzachor's rather polarizing prior statements on the canonicity of Ninja Storm-RPM did not draw him any fans in the past, and seems to be returning again. I'm still looking to find that petition I KNOW must have been started by now to insist he be fired.
And today, we Got a transcript of the E-mail, confirming that they never thought about adding the cameo's to the series when they were originally assigned their budget for the season.
A Budget that is the largest in the show's History.
A Budget that is being mostly used to completely reshoot most of the fight scene's they'll be lifting From Gokaiger, with the Goseiger suits.
But don't worry, Jason David Frank has cancelled his scheduled activities for the period mentioned they'll be filming, so they'll at least have him Cameo-ing.

...Yeah...Even if they finally fix the utterly stupid scripting with respect to plot and Dialogue the show has had since Saban took back the show, from a Fan backlash standpoint, Super Megaforce is a likely Ticking Timebomb.
Tick. Tock.

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