Saturday, August 17, 2013

RPG Hell: Mass Effect 1 part 1

This series had problems long before the third's ending reared it's head.

RPG Hell: Mass Effect 1 Part 1 by ShintaReviews

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  1. Correction: MAs cannot fire Buick sized lumps of iron. Nor can they equal the yield of the 'dino-killer' asteroid without using an actual asteroid. The best they can do with the rail-guns here is 38 kilotons. In fact, dreadnoughts are incapable of planetary bombardment; and the cruisers would risk destroying themselves if they attempt to do so.

    You are right that Saren is woefully mishandled and criminally underused. The combat recorders is a glaring example of Bioware's failure at world-building on the tech side. Funny thing about the Destiny Ascension; not only are the kinetic barriers no better than on a regular dreadnought, but the MA on it is no stronger than any other dreadnought.

    This is a wonder Anderson ever advanced as far as he has. None of his book appearances ever depict him as being intelligent, which is certainly awful when you consider that Bioware informs us that he is.