Saturday, June 28, 2014

RPG Hell: Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII part 7

It's the finale of the Finale, as Shinta faces off against Divinity to put and end to the Fabula Nova Crystallis once and for all.
Salvation Cannot Begin without DEStruction.

RPG Hell: Lightning returns Final fantasy XIII... by ShintaReviews

RPG Hell: Lightning returns Final fantasy XIII... by ShintaReviews
No Episode Next Week, I'm taking a break.

Notes on the ending after the jumpcut.
I really, REALLY feel like I botched the ending for this, and I know that.  I could blame unfamiliarity doing fight scenes and actually doing dialogue for characters instead of just talking about something, on top of my editing software (pinnacle) being absolute garbage for effect work...But the fact was by the time I got to it I was tired.  Oh so VERY tired with everything Fabula Nova Crystallis related I just wanted it done with.  So instead of revising my draft of the encounter I just went with the original cut.
Yes, I did reshoots and alternate takes.  A Lot of them.  Trust me, it was better than what I originally had.  But it was still not good.  So I stitched it up as best I could.  Collectively, the shooting for the final Video took over 6 hours.
Really, I Should have just had 'me' collapse after closing the lockseed.  I Over-thought how I would do this, and thus wasted a lot of resources.  I MADE all those varieties of crystals when i really only needed the yellow ones, the ruby, and the white crystals--trust me, I made a lot more of the damn things than I ever needed. The Wizardriver, the rings and Blazefire saber I had to build from scratch for this.  I didn't have good lighting or enough space to fully utilize the greenscreen on top of Pinnacle's bad rendering OF greenscreen effects.  I tore apart half my room trying to get the space.
And that's not even get started on Animating half that crap, which took several days to do as they had to go frame-by-frame.

'Cause ultimately, I think it hurt my argument that I took it out in the same nonsensical vein that is the Fabula Nova Crystallis' trademark.  Some could say I'm satirizing it, but I wasn't.

So Yeah, it's bad, I know it's bad, and I Won't be doing anything really effect-y for a while.

And I AM going to be lampshading how intelligible I was getting at the end there sometime in the near future.

Though I'm still going to be building freaking props I want to use in the future.  I like building things.


  1. This game is a dick. They did it, they went with the Gall Force ending. Just when I thought that this couldn't get any more idiostuperific. Now, honest question, what is worse, the 13s, Marville or Southland tales? Maybe for the next time you do RPG hell maybe you could look at a game franchise that didn't devolve into utter, contradictory, pretentious garbage? Just a thought.

    1. The next Scheduled game for RPG hell is Digimon World 4.
      next year.
      It sucks.
      And after that it's Likely Mass Effect 2.
      Which~, depending on one's stance on the endings to 3....

    2. Oh, sorry dude. Can't wait for you to deal with more of the Asari's bullcrap and then the Godchild. Oh then Digimon world 4, I still have that game for some reason. Have fun with boring, repetitive combat and worse hit detection then a drunken Duke Nukem.

  2. Wait, does that mean that Final Fantasy XV is westernized, as in the same as the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy?

  3. It's clear you put in a lot of effort. Your dramatic staging is less than ideal, and I still don't like the way you throw your voice sometimes, but it still could be far worse. So good job. The conclusion was satisfactory.

    It was fun to watch, and I love thinking about how things can be improved. I actually don't think the fight was even bad. It was fun, and maybe it's because I haven't watched all of your videos or sentai, but I don't see a big problem with it. Though the villain's voice was too annoying for its own good, even if that was an intentional effect.

    Though I don't get what the big deal about the ending is? I mean, I don't like the New Battlestar Galactica ending, but that's mainly because of the Luddite ideology it pushes.