Thursday, July 24, 2014

So I didn't get on That Guy with the Glasses

And I’m Bummed, and a few other emotions I’d rather not get into.

But that’s okay.

'Cause inevitably? I gotta do this for me.  Me, and for all of those that DO watch.
And not because It’s the only thing that’s earned me money while I’ve spent the last 3 freaking years constantly applying Thousands of times for entry-level and temp work.
Oddly, TGWTG is the first company to send me a rejection letter and not just leave me entirely hanging.  Ironic, No?

I don’t have a lot of friends, I don’t have a lot of Fans. Or Viewers. But those I do, I’m thankful for.
Besides, I’m working with and have connected with some fun people.

But from what I’ve seen from this talent pickup?
The people that got on did so by being known personalities in their own right already even before being chosen, having long networked in most of their cases.
While it puts it even harder for the newbies trying to get in the door—especially if they do something that’s not part of the mainstream—or the vets still struggling with the same, it shows I need to network more as well.
A Lot more.
Far, Far more than I am comfortable with.
I have Extreme (ridiculously extreme) social anxiety, and while doing this show has helped a lot with that, I can’t have that keep me back from trying to connect with other people.
I also need to try and be funnier, more entertaining; not just nitpick and show ways how a narrative could have been improved. Don’t just be angry at idiocy, do more skits (as much as I can with 0 budget), stretch for the jokes that I might not find funny, but someone else could.
And try to do more short material. While I like looking at series and longer narratives, it wears on you; you know?
…Well, that’s something for next year. I’m editing my September/October episodes right now, and Have rough’s for everything through December right now.

Yes, I work that far in advance. I have for a LONG time now.  It’s how I consistently release video’s that can at times run upwards of 40 minutes in length on a weekly schedule for two years.

Anyways, thanks for everyone that watches, thanks to my cohorts on Manic Expression and ROTC/Independent Mayhem, and Peers on RVT, Geekvision, RTGomerProductions and other reviewer sites I haven’t discovered.

Hi, I’m Davis. On the Internet, I go by Des Shinta. I’m 25, and live in the Midwest.
I review Tokusatsu, Role-playing video games, and media and Franchises that have impacted my life.
Nice to meet you.

Oh, and if you guys wouldn’t mind? A few shameless plugs would be nice. I’ll return the favor when I can.


  1. if helps in something,i think you are a good reviewer ,and also one of those tokusatsu fan that undersantd the genre very well.
    Im always looking forward to your job and be here for whatever you made (specially tokusatsu in review and rpg hell)
    Cheers Shinta
    Hope you have a good job,Elber
    ps: im really looking forward to your review on the hesei era riders (specially THAT TRAIWRECK (TUDUNTSS) that is..Den-O

  2. All I could I say is, keep doing what you love and brings you the most satisfaction. Don't quit now, cause other than EZ, you are the only reviewer that reviewed Tokusatsu in more detailed. Thanks to that, I learned more about the Showa Kamen Rider series and I am also looking forward for your review of the Heisei era as well.
    If possible, I would like to see your reviews on the Ultraman series, as well as something non-Tokusatsu but from Toei, the Precure series (If you don't like it and don't want to review it, that's fine by me as long as you are happy).