Thursday, August 21, 2014

Shinta's Toku Vlogs: August 21, 2014

Toqger 24 descends into the shadow line, Gaim 41 ends the Femushinmu , and Garo 19 features classical music for the savage soul.

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  1. Toquger: we finally have a goal! Yay. As long as they keep up these good episodes and less stupid filler, I might be able to pass off this show as okay.
    Gaim: Thank you Kaito for telling that Starcream peace of crap what should have been said since he first joined with Yggdrasil. Also YAY BRAVO IS STILL ALIVE! I don't care what anybody says I like Bravo, from the rider form to Oren, I just like the guy. Also you know Orens actor, Metal Yoshida? His wife plays Rosyuo's wife. Calling it now Ryouma is going to be the final boss. Although I can't wait for Micchi's death. I honestly thought of playing this during the fight when he uses the form that kills him.
    But then again I don't think he deserves that much dignity.

    1. Appropriate, Gen Urobuchi series and all.
      and I really, REALLY hope the final boss is Sagara. I want at least one of Gen's Devil analogues to get what's coming to them

  2. I think the queen of fate is really Mai from an alternate universe where she has seen what has happened in her world. I think the current world changed a bit thanks to Sagara. Now with the demise of Femushinmu, its time for the Rider Wars, again. I'm calling it now, everyone will die including Kouta, and Kaito will be the sole survivor and finally finishing Sagara, saving the world.