Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tokusatsu in review: Garo Chapter of the black Wolf Part 1

Howl-Oween starts this year with a tale of a demon-slaying golden knight.

Tokusatsu in review: Garo; Chapter of the black... by ShintaReviews

Tokusatsu in review: garo: Chapter of the black... by ShintaReviews


  1. This series is interesting, but I think I won't be a fan of it cause like you I am not a horror fan. Even though I enjoyed Madoka Magica and Rebellion as well as some survival horror games, like Fatal Frame, but other times I kinda get scared when watching or playing them. The most recent example would be Five Nights at Freddy's, that game terrified me.

    Garo while not that scary, but its close.

    1. Completely understand that. But I've seen the first and last series completely through, plus zero black blood. The horror elements are really mild. Which puts it right in the range I like.