Saturday, December 27, 2014

Tokusatsu In Review: Kamen Rider Agito part 3

In Part 3, Sakaki strikes, G3’s taken out of the prototype stage, Hojo Finds he has an ally from the showa Era's most competent Villain, and Shouichi remembers he had a life!

I was as Surprised as you.

Tokusatsu in Review: Kamen Rider Agito part 3... by ShintaReviews


  1. Oh god Inoue's writing is horrible. I honestly may have to check Kiva again just to see if he honestly learned restraint, just got lucky, or I misjudged his work. Well, it could be worse, Inoue could team up with Frank Miller to create the worst written, racist, sexist show ever. Long story short, Inoue GO BACK TO WRITING SCHOOL OR TALK TO ACTUAL PEOPLE TO LEARN THAT SMART PEOPLE TEND TO TALK TO EACH OTHER ABOUT THEIR PROBLEMS!!! Honestly, when the Kid that writes Axe Cop is writing human interactions better then you STOP WRITING IMMEDIATELY!

  2. Well it was expected from him no surprise here how much of stupidity you find here and no wonder its still and indirect sequel and whats more I think the Lords never had their own language like Overlord's in Gaim,Gurongi, Fangire etc Dont know why but save they do talk with actions than words....Yeah pretty sure I was wondering a Tentacool or Tentacruel using Thunderbolt but spongebob works.
    Also MAN I ignored so much here The stupid copycat murder by Ryuji was the one awful, the event followed up Sakaki going in revenge to kill of Hojo for Ryo somewhere where looks like Carrie here (Carrie was horror chick flick and recent remake was 2013) Its long story but it does have common with that You know you should additional shots as well in the game why? How the fuck a guy who is continuously trolled by woman for her selfish deeds or whatever the motive Inoue sets gets killed *APPARENTLY ALIVE ONLY SUFFERING* then she gets instant connection with that guy and Ryo gets the same thing here Despite...THAT Bullshit is seen Ryuki etc. Unlike Carrie Sakaki had Cats to worry about. which leads here getting killed and the point where everyone of these guys collide....Yes the bIG screwup was probably Tetsuya and ...and you know I think I am spoiling fun out here...Bottomline In a Show with Asshole this is the ultimate result you will get especially from a writer who continuously repeat the certain things over and over again and ITs Damn you Inoue make something better will you...And I out of words. I think he has some issue with Women which is why he degrades them here

    1. Sorry in some cases I was typing really fast forgot to fill in a few sentences