Thursday, June 18, 2015

Toku Vlogs: June 18, 2015

Ninninger 16 Gives a god spotlight on Support Ninja Dad, Drive 34 reveals the TRUE murderer of Shinosuke's father (and It's who we all suspected) and Garo Gold Storm 9 Returns Focus to Daigo so as to get him more involved in the series' storyline.


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  1. The ninninger monsters are half yokai, half household item. This one was half Kasa-obake, basically a ghost umbrella, and half pen.You could see that the umbrella was made out of pens. And I'm not sue what exactly goes on with the father, he said he was spoken of as a prodigy till one day his powers just stopped working suddenly. I don't see Yoshitaka being involved but I could be wrong.

    Drive, well I was indeed misled by Nira's turn back during the confrontation with Freeze, but I guess he was just a spineless bastard all along. Next episode we'll have to wait some extra time for, but the preview does irk me as it seems that Nira and Brain are able to turn the whole city against the unit pretty quickly, I at least could believe the Makage stuff since he could brainwash anyone on the spot, but maybe this has to do with Brain's evolved powers.