Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tokusatsu in review: Kamen Rider 555 Paradise Lost

Shinta closes out the Faiz reviews with a GOOD Inoue-penned rider alternate universe movie, which asks…What if the orphenochs Won?

Tokusatsu In review: Kamen Rider 555 paradise lost by ShintaReviews


  1. Now that we're finally at the end of the Faiz content I can fully say that I am not going to subject myself to this series. If I can't even get past the first 5 episodes of this show yeah, no way. Though I have seen Paradise Lost before this review and yeah not only does it show what little good there is in the show but we get to see Kusaka die. Speaking of, you mentioned how Toshiki Inoue is Japan's answer to Frank Miller? If we follow that comparison then I propose that Masato Kusaka is Inoue's equivalent of The Fixer. They're both bigots, torture people, are completely hateful and reprehensible and of course have a very gentle soul. And by Proxy Hojo from Agito would most likely be Crazy Steve. Now after GP we can continue the Inoue Era with Blade with a protagonist as cookie cutter as you can get and a character that is FAR more interesting then the lead.

    1. ...You've not been following the Patreon posts, have you?

    2. I meant to say eventually. Sorry.

    3. your videos keep getting taking down you might think about putting them on vimeo or youtube

    4. @GoldEdge You seem to be Yet another person who seems to have missed my various posts on this situation, are uninformed about the limitations youtube has, and does not follow my twitter feed.
      As such, I have to repeat this yet again.
      You ahve no Idea how much repeating myself irritates me.
      I CANNOT use Youtube for Tokusatsu reviews. It's why I went to Dailymotion in the first place.

      Youtube's Content Id and copyright claim system is archaic. 1 claim, and an account is shut down for SIX MONTHS (technically it's limited to videos less than 15 minutes, but Ifn I split my videos into 15 minute segments I would never be able to make anything new). Counterclaims on such can take up to 3 months to clear, and if you have 3 videos claimed and taken down, the Entire account goes Bye-Bye.

      Vimeo IS EVEN WORSE, not only is the video file size per upload per day Ridiculously TINY. They have Youtube's fucked up Content ID any copyright claim system, and they do not actually pay any video producer; said producers have to rely on donations for any form of revenue that way.
      And quite frankly, that's why I have patreon.

      On Dailymotion, even if videos are taken down, you can repost them at your leisure while counterlcaims are in dispute. Their counterclaim forms are admittedly less usable than youtubes and there's no formal moderation and ability to follow the status OF a counterclaim, but there's comparatively fewer claims that will accost you.
      ...Except when it comes to Toei.

      Toei are notoriously Assholes on the whole 'fair uses of copyright content' thing. You see it with Dragonball abridged, you see it with Linkara's History of power rangers, you even see it with some of Littlekuriboh's work, and others on top of that. They attack anyone and everyone for even the slightest use of something they own in something that can qualify as fair use...despite leaving a bunch of people who post episodes wholesale on such video sites alone.
      People say 'no, it's the entirety of japan, they don't have any type of fair use law'...Except THEY DO. Like America, their fair use clauses protect reviews, critiques, parodies, self-made cosplay and fan productions (like abridged series), and (Shock of all shocks) non-profit translations; all of which Toei violates in doing this. However, prosecution internationally is more costly, so they get to get away with it.
      The Best I can do, Is repost it as soon as I can, which due to Dailmyotions uplaod restrictions and my own efforts to reformat videos so they won't be taken down again, takes TIME. And Such time would not change if I were to do it on ANY OTHER Video platform.

      ...I'm trying Zippcast soon, though. Apparently they're the new dailymotion on non-horrible copyright bots.

    5. @Goldedge Oh, and I didn't even mention teh part on Youtube where, instead of taking a video down, THey instead take your video, and monetize it themselves. That's right; all the hard work you put into writing, giving, and making your presentation...and some asshole organization takes everything that you would have earned--not from the copyrighted content--But your own effort, jokes and analyses.
      Youtube is THE SINGLE WORST VIDEO HOST when you run afoul of content ID.

  2. When you get to gaim will you add Ryugen yomi to the count or not because I'm quite curious about your overall thought ps about it but that can wait because you have other probably brilliant tokusatsu shows to review and I need to watch Hibiki

  3. well, i don't know if i'll ever try to watch Faiz again, but i'll definitely be watching this movie soon. although i do bad were the other guys who auditioned for Psyga that the guy who got the role was the one who didn't speak Japanese?