Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tokusatsu in review: kamen Rider black RX (Remaster) Part 4

Crisis' Deadline approaches, Old Riders return, and Kotaro's Final loss Showcases the End of the Showa TV Era, as RX Concludes.
Tokusatsu in review: Sun Batta (remaster) Part 4 by ShintaReviews


  1. This review makes me want to go watch both shows. Do you know a reliable source to watch them from?

    The 'Rider Rank-up' bit at the end along with the abilities RX display through the show brings a question to mind. How well do you think RX could handle Guyver Unit 1 in a Death Battle?

    1. i discussed that literally in the opening monologue of part 1 of both reviews.

      I don't do death battle. Their logic is often flawed.