Saturday, May 21, 2016

RPG Hell: Digimon World 4 part 1

How bad does a game have to be to spark a hatred of all things ever shown to be the slightest bit incompetent from a single company?  Digimon world 4 Bad!  This is a Vendetta Eleven Years in the making!

RPG Hell: Digimon World 4 part 1 by ShintaReviews


  1. Somehow I cannot watch the video from this site, so I can only watch it on the Dailymotion site.

    This game is the worst of the worst, it is not only the worst Digimon game ever but it is one of the worst games period. I really admire your courage and determination to finish the damn thing.

    Also sometimes bad games in Japan sometimes get good or decent sales in the west, and sometimes it is a good thing. Take the Neptunia franchise for example, the first game got bad reception in Japan and for good reasons, but it is popular in the west due to the characters and not the game itself. Because of that, Compile Heart have enough funds to make a sequel (or another game with the same characters in a different dimension) and improve on them. From then on, each game in the main series manage to improve over their predecessors.

    I would also like to ask some questions (that are not about the game):
    - What do you think about the SAO games in general?
    - Is the Vita version of the Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth game really that bad? Should I get a PS4 just for that or just hope to god that there is a PC release?
    - Is the localization of Bandai of America worst than Nintendo of America?

    1. In the video I was specifically citing things like Bandai's other anime import/made-out-of-the-blue games, like YuYu hakusho Dark Tournament, or some of the DBZ budokai's, or Digimon All star rumble. Things that relate to soemthing currently popular solely to get a buck from the unsuspecting over importing something with tangible quality.
      Though even the tangible quality ones they have fucked up.

      The SAO Games; Never played then, have no interest in playing them, I got my information from research.
      The PSVita version got majorly fucked up by BOA. They've patched it, but many users returned their copies anyways out of protest. This is not the first time.
      And Bandai of Amercia is the worse localizer. 'least when NOA does a bad localization, they have a reason for it, no matter how nonsensical or stupid or SJW-who-doesn't-even-play-the-game Pandering it is; to say nothing about the idiots demanding it or thinking that makes it 'better', often within the company when it's not been needed in teh past and it's not needed now. Whereas Bandai of America just feels Awful translation is it's own reward because people won't catch it as they don't know the language.
      ...except that a lot of us do know the language, at the very least enough to tell when the dialogue is wonky.
      plus, BOA's been fucking up longer with little regard to the critique.

  2. I also heard that Tales series was good but I also heard BoA screwed up the PC port of Symphonia.

  3. geez, you really tore into this one! and you didn't even get into the game yet. this is going to be a real gem, I can tell