Saturday, March 4, 2017

RPG Hell: Persona 4 Golden Part 1

“I HAVE FOUND YOU!”  As Des Shinta boots up what many Claim to be the Best RPG Ever made…and yet can’t stop going on about the Extreme Similarities it has to .hack//G.U.

Yeah, We finished those reviews in 2015 and yet still can’t put it to rest.

RPG Hell: Persona 4 Golden Part 1 by ShintaReviews


  1. Well, it's nice to see you finally tackle this series, I've personally never played the game (though I did see persona 4 the animation) but I'm planning to. Though oddly enough, much like you couldn't stop drawing similarities between this game, I couldn't stop drawing similarities between the personas and the stands from jojo's bizarre adventure, though it never reached rip off territory, as while they are similar the way they are implemented is different, especially due to the fact that they are obtained in different ways, and they don't work the same way, though considering the amount of jojo references in Japanese media, I wouldn't be shocked if the personas were inspired by the stands (by the way I do recommend watching jojo, Inspite of the fact that the first part isn't very good, still better than the sixth one though)

  2. I am looking forward to playing this game, but unfortunately I don't have a chance ever since my PS2 died early. And now I have a lot of games to play and short on funds, I have to skip it and watch the animation instead, and it is really good, which reminds me that I have to watch the Golden version to see if there any difference.

    Despite all this, I am looking forward to playing Persona 5 when it releases soon next month.

  3. Nice job on the video looking forward to the rest.

    Also I wanted to apologize for what happened back in January. It was wrong of me.

  4. hoenn for best region, may the trumpets be with you