Saturday, May 27, 2017

Shinta's take on Yugioh: Battle City

The most infamous arc in the franchise opens the door to the real way to play the game, the introduction of some of the strongest monsters in the game…and an Antagonist SEVERELY screwed over in import.
Also: a god turned into an executive producer. What idiot Thought that was a good Idea?

Shinta's take on Yugioh: Battle City by ShintaReviews


  1. the change to some of the card names bothers me, some i can accept (like dark knight gaia being renamed gaia the firce knight) others, however (like osiris and psyco-shocker). one that annoys me more than it should are the ones to the E-heroes and D-heroes, as if you look at their japanese name, you'll notice that all e-heroes names end with either -man or-lady, wereas all d-heroes end with -guy, but for some reason they change some of the names so that the proviously theme naming is gone, but hey, that's just me

  2. The changes of the name of the cards are really unnecessary and, in a way, really insulting to the creators of the cards. Again sadly, that horrible practice is still used today.

    The Battle City arc is really good, and I do enjoyed them for the games. And the ante rule, I love it only because it helps grow the characters, particular Jonichi who received many great cards on his journey. Also you forgot to mention that Jonichi received the card Jinzo, which is really useful, a 6 star 2400 attack power card that could negate and destroy the effects of trap cards, hell yes! And also he received the Queen of Insects card, which honestly isn't that useful plus it is one of the reason Haga lose.

    For some reason, Yugi doesn't get many cards in Battle City. Aside from the Osiris god card, he didn't get any, and I wonder where the heck did he get so many new cards for his deck, including the Black Magician Girl.

    I am really looking forward to the next Yu-Gi-Oh arc.

    1. I didn't forget, I just chose not to mention.