Saturday, June 17, 2017

RPG Hell: Megaman Battle Network 2 Part 3

The gospel incident concludes with Aerial terror attacks, weather machines, and cities consumed in radiation.
And yet the most anger-inducing thing is the rationale’s of it’s endboss.

RPG Hell: Megaman Battle Network 2 Part 3 by ShintaReviews

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  1. Great review and my god I am really interested in watching the anime after watching your review.

    Also I also don't like localized names, I never get the reason and rationale, since you are buying and playing a Japanese game, so of course most of the characters name is Japanese. And also localizing names can cause problems, like with the Fire Emblem franchise where in the original Japanese games, there are no characters having the same name, but because of localization, there are now 2 characters with the same name in the franchise.

    And yes, I didn't like how they change the name of Homura from Xenoblade 2 to Pyre. Gee I wonder what are they going to name Hikari? Certainly not Light. This is why I don't buy Nintendo games anymore.

    Anyway awesome review and I am looking forward to Battle Network 3.