Sunday, December 24, 2017

To the End of 2017, looking onwards to 2018


  1. I've been commenting about this subject a few times on your Youtube videos, but since you don't read those, I thought I'd talk about it here in the hopes that you can accept some criticism.

    Stop talking about American politics in your reviews.

    It not only dates the review, but it's a complete derail from the topic of discussion; namely people in spandex suits, punching people in rubber monster suits, until they explode (and also RPGs). How the heck am I supposed to maintain interest in your content, if I'm distracted thinking about gun control? What does Fox News have to do with Garo? You're just alienating your audience by bringing this stuff up.

    Look, If you really want to discuss politics, there's a simple solution; put it in its own video. The topic is toxic enough without being blindsided by it.