Monday, August 31, 2015

Dailymotion page.

Dailymotion page.

Dailymotion Page.

Daily.  Motion.  page.

Please Stop messaging me about the embed codes being down.  I know the embed codes are down, I haven't had the time to FIX All of them since blip went under, and having to reupload videos that'd been hit by Toei's DRMs.  I work retail, and Have been pulling double my normal number of shifts for the last two weeks, and between that and being behind on the video production schedule by over a month, I have not had the time to fix the links.  The ones I have fixed, are all to traffic priority sites.

I have barely had the time to sleep.

I am very sleep deprived right now.

This reply was prompted after my inbox was bombarded with a dozen messages about that very specific thing, while I was trying tog et to sleep for my Morning shift.  all of my messaging systems are linked to my phone.
my phone is set very loud to wake me up, as I sleep like the dead when I can get there.

I beleive you can connect the dots.

And I apologize for being rude, but I have messaged every person that has done this and tiold them about the Dailymotion page at least once, and yet they keep coming in from the exact.  Same.  People.

I will be getting to it this weekend if I can get back on schedule.

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