Saturday, August 29, 2015

Tokusatsu in review: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

A Kamen Rider adaptation?  That doesn’t suck?  Inconceivable!
Seriously, this show is better than the accumulated works of Shoji Yonemura, as It actually understands how Kamen Riders work.
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  1. Now I tried to watch Dragon Knight a few weeks ago, but I just couldn't get past the first two episodes because the acting just killed it for me. I'm sorry but for me bad acting will kill pretty much anything for me, it doesn't matter how good the writing is, if you can't get actors that can convey those feelings properly, yeah no. I think the best way to describe this is the same way I can't watch musicals or plays that weren't written by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the way theater performers talk and the way it's presented I'm aware that it's a performance instead of getting sucked in and it kills my sense of immersion. The only way I'm going to try and watch it again is when Shout Factory eventually releases it on DVD. I mean let's face it , Shout Factory released DVDs for other Toku adaptations and since 4Kids is all but gone at this point Shout Factory acquiring the rights is only a matter of time. Also regarding why Konami won't get rid of 4Kids' dubbing, because Konami is Konami. #FucKonami All praise Jim Fucking Sterling Son.

    1. The acting is legitimately worse in Samurai and Megaforce, and a few other things I've watched and reviewed. (the first guyver film, anyone?) Thus I've grown a tolerance for bad acting if the story is decent. I'll still call it out, but it's not the dealbreaker for me anymore. At the very least, the cast had varying expressions and mannerisms that conveyed personality; it's just the line delivery that mostly suffered.

    2. Well for starters it was the acting that made it unbearable for me to watch I dont know How it lasted for few months Cartoon Network here. But by Watching your Review I finally watched the series complete and I am satisfied that this show wasnt bad I originally thought it would have been. But seeing your Ryuki Review and this...I understand how the latter was horrible in everything and Dragon Knight Repaired it some what. While I like how Kitt was made much better Than Shinji It got me thinking about one thing. Every Toku adaption in which Toshiki Inoue was involved and how screwed up the things in it goes the adaptions were handled better including this and there are som any things i can point out.

      For Example Ryuki had IRONY reflected, Shinji and other few being total hypocritic jerks and many unexplained things and Really Crappy Story whereas Dragon knight doesnt do this at all as this is pretty much STRAIGHT TO THE POINT and how SHOULD the season had been if not for Inoue or Kobayashi to fight over and create the turmoil of this to be a top nominee for Worst KR series ever.

      Now only if the acting was better and more effort to story it would have been successful enough to have Re-spawned as Power Rider that is other than Saban who already DESTROYED it once and realizing that mistake left the trademark to rot while cover the Power Rangers only.

      Sadly this is the only good show ever and shout should totally export it as DVD material back. and I think that Power Rider should be in works because this series though slightly disappointing can work if they are in rightful hands.
      Otherwise Saban who made this trademark can get those Brothers and Judd Lynn (not Tzachor) to handle this If only they could....I wonder how will it go!!!

      Speaking of Konami have you heard about their mismanagement and cruel treatment to its staff.
      Because from a company involved in PACHINKO GAMES recently and as screwed up they are they are....well you know it!!!

  2. Have you ever seen the Japanese dub of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight? I thought it was actually pretty good.