Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tokusatsu in review: Kamen Rider Ryuki part 4

How do you make people like a series less?  Add an annoying Ditz, an Angry Scientist, and Tokusatsu’s answer to Superboy Prime, while teasing at the answers to your show’s big questions after they’ve begun to unravel….which are never revealed.


  1. Really like how you explained the concept of "hero" in both Ryuki and the Fate series, as well as making Toujou Superboy Prime. By the way, have you watched the anime "Yuki Yuuna de Yuusha de aru"? I would really like to hear what you think of this anime handling the concept of "hero", also that anime has some similarities with Madoka Magica.

    Another question, do you think that any hero wars from tokusatsu is bad? Cause so far I have seen, none of them are good.

    1. If it's not been dubbed, I haven't seen it. The only subtitled series I watch on my off time are the ones I do for this show,as I REALLY don't have the time for any more than that.

    2. Actually the anime is already dubbed, but I understand your very tight schedule, so that's ok.

  2. Yup I am so angry right now of why the writers cannot stick one thing and dont screw it over for their own tastes!!! No surprise on How Hibiki was fucked up like that in the same way. your theory on "hero" was great. now Only DC could bring Super-Boy Prime to their animated movies they are doing. Everyone who wrote the episodes you and Probably everyone who hate this Really Sabotaged all the major conceptions of the show that were to be established but were never ever due to this Crap!!!!
    Hey Why did you counted Alternatives as riders they are considered close only?