Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tokusatsu in Review; Ryuki movie Double-Feature

Kamen Rider Ryuki: Episode Final
"Toshiki Inoue showcases how HE would have done Ryuki’s ending months before the show would approach that end, as we witness the life and death for the first Official female kamen Rider.
Why is this the tradition carried over from Tackle’s Existence?"

Kamen Rider Ryuki: 13 Riders
"A rehash of the show’s entire story put in an hour or less?  And stuff every rider in the series into it at that?  How could one possibly do that with any chance of success?
The answer:  They didn’t desire success."


  1. The 2 clash of the Rider Kicks should have been won by Ryuga considering that Ryuga's Final Vent attack power is higher than Ryuki's, 7000 (Ryuga) vs 6000 (Ryuki).

    Episode Final to me was... somewhat good, but the death of Femme and the ending without a conclusion really bring the movie down. 13 riders special is worst by having every character acting out of character, and having Shinji the idiot into Shinji the crazy "kuku for Cocopuffs" dumbass. Both endings didn't help either because 1. there is still no conclusion, and 2. it is non-canon. Also the movie is depressing a lot.

    Both movies also don't give a reason why there are only 10 riders in the TV series thus making the movies completely pointless.

    So overall, the TV series is the best iteration of Ryuki because it actually does have a conclusion, but that ending is still not saying much.

    1. o well, we'll just have to go with the thory that they died before the series started

  2. Here is the problem here Epsode Final has Shinji's involvement in Yui's past aka they were childhood pals Ryuga (The Successor of G4 in terms evil doppelgangers of main riders) is awesome in terms of his rider gear sounds.Verde is yet another douchebag villain.

    Shinta you were right on "Rider War" is more "Writer War" and Inoue just ruins this by Making it a tradition of Female Riders being coming and dying....this is really bad for how in the successive series did it in the similar manner (Not Counting Kivala as she was made all of the sudden) Marika would have been better character if not Inoue to ruin this here. To be clear These movies are as bad as hell.....Though I am glad they ended this in Den-O with alternate reality stories like these two. Also If there were 13 riders why werent they made relevant on TV series...Its either they forgot or simply ingnored them to add. Both movies are really screwed up.
    PS you should have started the shot count with Ryuki as well

  3. On Second Thought I just want to say Inoue STAY AWAY FROM KAMEN RIDERS please

    1. Just wait until I review a Good one by him.