Monday, January 31, 2011

I can't believe I'm doing this...

Oookay, for some reason for another, I Decided to starts a blog.  Eh, it's better than dumping this stuff on Deviantart.  Not like many will bother with this.

Anywho, a bit about me:
What's with the Name?  My Alias is Des Shinta.  The name was a product of a Digimon-based fan-story I wrote During high school, but for various reasons never finished.  Des was short for Destiny, and Shinta Originated from the viewing of the Rurouni Kenshin OVA Trust and Betrayal.  He was the protagonist, along with a small main cast.  The story wasn't a self-insertion or anything overly mary-sueish, but I eventually hit writers block with it and the cohesion of idea's for it began to degrade from there.  Regardless,The name stuck around.  Originally I went on several sites as "Endermon", a fan-made Mega Digimon.  But as my interests spanned out into other series and genre, I decided to make a change to a general alias--First to ChaoticEnder when I joined the Webcomic site The Middle Ground ( A site originally for Sonic comics, but has branched out since), then ShineTenshi (Death Angel) when I went on Youtube.  Buuuut as my time online increased, I realized how cliche both were ( and that other people had used one or the other at some point in time), so I Decided to fall back to the name of my first OC.

In that last paragraph you may have noticed how I tend to capitalize the beginnings to certain words.  It's not intentional, it's a subconscious typo.

What do are your interests?  For the most part it involves Science fiction, Anime and Manga, Video Games, Card Games, and Building models.  Generic info, but it needs to be stated. Some of it will come up later.

Why the name Shinta's Brainpan?  That's sort of an Inside Joke.  An associate/friend of mine once expressed an interest in taking my brain for the extensive Knowledge on all things Evangelion before the Rebuild Movies Started, as he'd just gotten into the series.  The pan which will catch stuff that escapes from my brain.

What Am I going to do with this blog?  To be honest, I have no concrete Idea.  I guess I'm going to use it as a Hub for anything I decide to do Online.  Recommendations, opinions, Reviews, video's, let's plays.  Stuff that interests me at the time.  Hopefully in the grand scheme of things everything I drain out of my Brain into this Pan will make sense.

Why did you edit this post from what it was earlier?  Too much info, not enough substance.