Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gundam Musou 3

Those that know me know my love of Gundam Series.  The Dynasty warrior Gundam Games (known as Gundam Musou in Japan) have been a source of a great time  in the case of the second, and frustration in the first.  Regardless, I find them good to play, and amongst the reasons I enjoy owning an Xbox 360.  Suffice to say, when I began seeing clips from Gundam Musou 3 from Japan appearing on youtube.

  I was glad to see the returning suits from DW2, along with the addition of 00, X and Unicorn units, More UC side story units such as the GP01 Zephyranthes, AU units like the Deathscythe Hell and Heavyarms, and mook suits from other series (Kapool, GINN, and Death Army).  DW's 1 and 2 were too Universal Century Heavy for my taste, so the increased variety is going to be a plus.  The combat system has taken a level in Awesome as well.
There are other vids of other suits, but I'm a fan of the Strike Freedom Gundam (despite there being a mixed standing with Gundam fans on the Seed series).
While Other 00 units are being released as downloadable content, The 00 Raiser and Reborns are straight in the game.  Sadly, the 00 Raiser is lacking it's GN Sword III, but of all complaints it's rather minor.
With any luck, the 00 Qan [T] or other Trailblazer suits may also make it as a downloadable suit.  I'll wrap this up with the opening to the game, and the hope that Namco Bandai will get on releasing this here, in opposition of many gems that never got ported.

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