Friday, June 1, 2012

E3 ZOE news.

Have I mentioned How Much I love Zone of the Enders?  We got some new news on The Zone of the Enders HD Collection from the Producers, courtesy of E3.

If you have no Idea what I'm Talking about, please revisit my Let's Plays on the two games from last year.

And on Top of this, we got a look at the opening animation to the collection.

My God, this opening is Not only Squee-Worthy, but this near-6-minute clip set to "Beyond the Bounds" is by Far the Most Orgasmic game-related thing I have seen in quite some time.
Also:  Gratuitous fanservice.  Dammit, Japan, Why?
Regardless, I have no Doubt that ZOE HD  will Dethrone Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 as the best Robot-Fighting-Action game on the Current Generation Consoles.  And that's saying a lot, as DWG3 is a good game, and this is essentially a graphically-updated re-release of a last Gen Game.

I really need to find a Jehuty Figure...

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