Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tokusatsu in Review: Kamen Rider V3 Part 2

In the continuation of V3, we see crab-people, bionic arms, and EVIL SANTA CLAUS!  EEEEEEVIL SANTA CLAUS!

Tokusatsu in review: kamen Rider V3 Part 2 by ShintaReviews

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  1. Okay, so...
    There are three types of Santa: Good Santa, who gives gifts and exotic fruits, Evil Santa, who gives common fruits, and Santa Christ, who gets shot by a film critic-turned-dictator.

    Also, Flame Plantain? As in, like the banana-like fruit, but on fire? Wat.

    Also, microscopic snails INJECTED INTO THE HUMAN BODY? Talk about Accidental Nightmare Fuel!

    Also, for the baby, they should've done what Snoppy would've done: Eat it!

    Also, I read that the design of Proto Man and, by extension, his NetNavi counterpart were influenced by Kamen Rider. Considering the exposed lower half of the face, and the yellow scarf, I wouldn't be surprised if Riderman was the biggest influence.

    Also, Riderman's apparent death... possible inspiration for Ted Kord's sacrifice in The Brave and the Bold?

    Finally, while crustaceans creep you out, they just make me hungry.