Thursday, May 8, 2014

So You think you can Stream/Status updates

Lot of stuff to talk about, so join me after the Jump break


Yes, I am going to try streaming again this summer, I'm all tested and set up for it, and will be using the Rise of the Critics Twitch page to showcase the events.  I'm open to having people join me over skype, but I'm not opening that up to everyone, just the people I know already and trust.
Trust me, I'm funnier when playing off of people in a streaming environment.

What am I streaming? Well, pretty much stuff I have/Want to play but doesn't fit my normal reviewer model.
That and Fan games.

The Tentative title list for the SUMMER OF STREAMING  is as follows:
Star Trek Elite force (ps2)
RWBY: Grim eclipse (Fan-game)
Pokemon: Zeta version (fan Game)
Pokemon: Zeta version  continued
Free slot (If I can finish Zeta)
Kamen Rider Battride war 2 (ps3;Starting when the game is out and In my hands)
Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn (ps3, tentative depending on how long KRBW2 takes and the reception TO Said DWG, but I've heard it's bad)

Streams will be recorded and chopped into 20-30 minute bits before going up on the Dailymotion page (and potentially Blip), an hour or two of the event a week going up on Tuesdays.
So The weekly schedule of content will be Stream reposts Tuesdays, Toku Vlog Thursdays (with rare exception) and Scripted Review Saturdays

As of this post I'll be doing Saturdays and Wednesdays, but because I'm busy this coming Saturday (and I want to get this one to start off good) the first stream is on Sunday, May 11 at 2:00 PM Central Standard Time
For all later dates, be sure to check my twitter, I'll do my best to give at least three days warning, with a reminder the day-of.

Show status:
I'm done with the Lightning Returns video's.  June is going to be a pain, but a good kind of pain.  But after that, I'm pretty much on Break, in part of why I'm doing the SUMMER OF STREAMING in the first place; doing those video's pretty much burned me out with how horrible the experience was.  I'll have content the month following, but all of July will be more of my "Shinta's Take on" video's on various short subjects.
3/4 being anime.

Tokusatsu in Review: Kamen Rider Kuuga will begin in august.

In addition, as some of you may have noticed, I am indeed back on blip. And I have finished uploading all of the backlog (bar my first 4 episodes which as I have repeatedly had to state to the exact same person repeatedly to my frustration as I DESPISE having to repeat myself, will NOT be going back up).  So that will be once more my primary form of advertisement and upload to the various locations...


Rise of the critics is not yet optimized for blip, and with the issues had getting it off the ground, we don't know when that will be.  Furthermore, I have had more views from using Dailymotion the last 7 months than the prior two years on blip together.  Sooo~o I am not Abandoning the dailymotion page, far from it.

Buuuu~uT you are going to start seeing me split episodes more and more around the blip midroll breaks.  I've had to do that already for episodes that run 30-40 minutes as it is (which is the majority of my output these days) for them to be economical.  So I'm just putting that out there.  You can get it in one big chunk but with midrolls every 10 or so minutes, or me slicing it up and (because my editing software continues to be crap and the only one that works on my current machine) higher chances of my notorious render errors making it into the production.

Rise of the Critics

Yes, as detailed Previously, I got picked up by a reviewer site, Rise of the critics.  We are sadly still trying to set things up even months after, as our organizer, Nevermore Raven (who got me back on blip, I am exceedingly grateful for that) has had a run of real-life bad luck.  It is not my place to go in to such and I don't blame him, but suffice to say, it is an opportunity I am not ready to write off.  Plus, as a new reviewer community, it's a chance to allow new talent a chance to be seen and showcased.  Please give the other users your time to watch.

It's in fact part of the site motto, bringing together people that critique and review, and support ourselves together, instead of being out to hoarde views.
Now I'm not saying that every reviewer does that but...It's pretty insular and it is DAMN hard to break into it professionally.  as I've said, I do this because I can't get a normal Job (or even a reply to any of the Job applications I have sent out the past 3 years), and this distracts from the spiral of utter hopelessness that has become my life and gives me something to look forward to.
That, and I feel as If I've gotten some validation from associating already.  I got my first content cameo's for my stuff, and for other people's (Decker Shado), and continues to make me think that I can do this, if only people would look past that my production values can't help but be crap.

Channel awesome talent pickup
Yes, I've applied.  Just sent in my submission right before typing this up.  It's this Saturday's Episode on The Tristar Godzilla movie. It's up early on Blip.  Enjoy.  Normal post on Saturday.


I'm working on putting stuff together, but struggling on what to have as rewards and funding incentives.  I pretty much just have this show.  I doubt anyone would want an autograph, the stuff I review doesn't fall in public domain so I can't do a DVD, behind the scenes is rather redundant because..well, it's the right now, all I can reviews.
I'm thinking an extra video a month on a Patron-suggested topics that could be voted upon by said funders; with some of my bigger projects as goals...but I'd like some word on what others would consider they would want from me.

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