Sunday, May 18, 2014

Why an Orange Laments

A Repost of a Tumblr post I commented on

The amount of notes concerns me
i’m more concerned about the fact that this orange is still on the loose he could kill again at any time
the newspapers give this notorious killer a nickname
much to the dismay of the lead detective
It makes more sense if you watch Kamen Rider Gaim.
This guy

Ate this

A Fruit from another dimension that turns people into monsters
And then turned into this:
His friend Kouta:
found a belt:
That turns the fruit into these while you wear it.
And they are all based on Fruits or Nuts.  The belt can use them to create an armored suit for the wearer.
Kouta’s primary lockseed (the name given to the reformed fruit) is the orange.

and that changes him into this:
and Calls himself “Armored Rider Gaim”

And in Gaim’s First battle, guess who he fought?
Yeah.  Yuya.
But he doesn’t find that out for 20 episodes, as the show doesn’t let us in on the fruit turning people into monsters until…
This is Hase.

Hase was another Armored Rider.  he called himself Kurokage (the black one in teh picture below)

and Kouta saw him transforming into the monster.
And he couldn’t kill him, because to Kouta, he was still a person.
And then these guys show up:
And they Kill hase (Hase, why~!)  And Kouta takes it VERY hard.
And so Kouta’s wanting to expose them so Hase can have justice.
Not helped that his group have been starting getting blamed for a whole bunch of things as a cover for that quartet’s operations and the monsters are coming through and attacking people on their own.

Well, guess what gets brought back up around now, when Kouta’s assaulting their base?


And now you know why an Orange is Lamenting killing a man.

Incidentally, This show is written by Gen Urobbuchi, who brought us Madoka Magica.

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