Saturday, December 24, 2016

End of Year updates.

2016 was a…stressful year, to say the least.

Despite trying to cut down on the length and number of my videos…including the remastered episodes I released 65 scripted videos this year.
Sixty.  Five.  Most longer than 30 minutes.
How did I do that?  No, seriously, HOW DID I DO THAT!?  I’m trying to cut down on this stuff.
Suffice it to say, in tandem with working retail and training the seasonal temp’s And my brain not as easily working through the editing process as of late…I’m exhausted, and taking a couple months off before releasing new content again.  While I’m already working on my next major review (Persona 4 Golden, which is taking me forever), nothing will be released from me until March in hopes to 1: build a buffer of prepared content so that what occurred in September (Scrubbing an entire month of video content due to real-life commitments) won’t happen, and 2: allow me the time to retool my work process to hopefully prepare more scripts and watch more content while keeping pace with a more consistent video editing schedule.

Part of how I’m doing that…is I’m not scheduling out the year in advance.
The last few times I’ve Tried to do that, I’ve failed utterly to meet my goals, usually by something taking more time to do than I intend.  The Avatar reviews, Mass effect 3, garo Makai Senki, megaman battle network 1 And to an Extent the Zeo videos all things I thought would be more simple than they ended up being, and doing the Toei Spiderman vids was a late decision to do.
Thus, while I have goals I want to reach, I’m not exactly going to plan out too much into the future.  I want to Touch on kamen Rider W as a lead into reviewing Kyoryuger and power Rangers Dino Charge (I.E: Giving context to Riku Sanjou as a writer) Instead of moving on Chronologically with kamen Rider as I have done thus-far (In reality, the next block is Known for Bad and screwed over material, I still want a freaking break from the bad stuff, okay?), but I don’t know when in the year I’d do that, especially with all the films and sidecontent relating to W I feel would be necessary to touch on to give the fullest possible context to it’s story and characters to do right by them.

Garo Yami wo Terasu Mono for October’s pretty much the only long-term thing locked in.

I’d Like to Finally Do tales of Graces, But I also want to get back to Final fantasy with X-2 and Kingdom Hearts.  The same for going back to the battle networks and finishing the Older-gen Digimon games with Data Squad/Another mission.
AS you may see behind me on the shelf with the Black RX/Shadow moon figures, I have a stash of tokusatsu movies that have been piling up that relate to other material I’ve never even talked about.  I want to get to Rurouni kenshin the legend ends before I hit 300 episodes.
And I am FAR behind where I intended to be with the patreon funded yugioh reviews…which are coming.  To not even get into Chandler Ritter’s Review request.
Yes, He has another one.  THAT I Guarantee will show up before June.  I’m also helping him with some peer review material.

The only thing I can say for certain…is for the coming year, I’ll try to touch on things in rotation; start on persona 4, finish it, do a toku review (likely movies outside of the Four series I want to do simply to give me time to work on everything), and then a storyarc of the yugioh series.  Going back to working in rotation I think will help me keep things fresh.  Plus, some shorter content videos (more battle networks alongside standalone films) will do well to keep me from hitting burnout.

Streaming:  I will stream Digimon World Next 0Rder …hopefully with some people to talk to joining in.  I will stream persona 5 when it comes out, as that will be after the persona 4 reviews end, to see how well it contrasts with my experience.  But The P5 Stream will not be a complete playthrough of the game as that would take…well, far longer than I’m willing to give.  Past that I don’t really have plans, though I would like to reconnect with my friends and Reviewer peers through some social streams; we just need a medium for doing that going like a communal streamable game and then nail down a regular schedule for it like we did the yugioh game streams before Dueling network got taken down.  Cards against Humanity, a Weekly Tabletop game?  An MMO like World of Warcraft?  I’d like to Get SOMETHING regular going, even if it means managing a Discord Chat.

*EDITED DETAIL* With the announcement of GARO ARMOR IN FINAL FANTASY 14, I am Extremely tempted to grab a copy and grind like the wind for the gear.  May start that after the Next 0rder stuff, I don’t know yet.  Want to get things set for the first half of the year before I go into that, but honestly I’m waiting on more details on what armor manifests for what class and whatnot.  Plus, as was for the MMO group dealie, I want to learn where other people will be playing so I’m not so Isolated.  I've got a friend that plays on Sargatanas Server who offered to help me get int eh groove of the game.  we'll see.

Kamen Rider Amazons (both seasons if/when season 2 shows up) with ZeltraxMillenium: Up in the air on whether we’ll do it, we really haven’t discussed much about doing that bar it not taking the form of one of my usual in-depth reviews.  If Not, I’m not going to touch it solo.  I don’t trust myself with Shirakura-produced Schlock to not just spend it dripping bile anymore.  Maybe we could just do it round table with discussion topics, I’m not sure.

Youtube Uploads:  I hope to be better at this next year, since I won’t be doing as frequently things that’ll get flagged…but Dailymotion still pays better.  ‘Least unless I can find a decent RPM network that’ll take me (does anyone have one to suggest).  I want to get more on Youtube, but this is a limiting factor with my viewership base and the media-forms I specialize in.

Dailymotion Reuploads:  Everything should be back up before  the end of the year, working on it now if you’ve not seen.

VIDME:  Considering this as a video backup, Toei’s gone after my videos a lot in the last year, And Dailymotion has devolved from less than helpful to enabling Copyright flagging abuse.

Patreon:  I continue to be thankful to my supporters there, they help encourage me to continue doing this show.  Subscribers have dropped regularly over the year, and I understand money is tight right now.  And as Such, Next year I’ll be lowering the first reward level to $1.00 support to see videos early, and revamping other details.  If anyone new would like to make a donation, please consider supporting the show, as it’s going to be difficult to keep things self-sustaining over the next length.  My hopeful goal is to have support up to the $150 range, if not meet $200 by the end of next year.  Otherwise, we may have some difficulties moving forward.

How can you help?:  Bar Contributing to my patreon, the absolute least one can do is Link the videos to others on Social media as they are released, or reblot/retweet/share the links I put up.  It’s free, gets other people to know about my efforts, really helps me out with the additional viewership.


  1. 2016 is definitely a stressful year, and I am glad that we and most people managed to get by them with little to no problem. I would like to thank you for entertaining us and at the same time educate us in the world of RPG and Tokusatsu in 2016 as a whole.

    And I definitely looking forward for what is in store for 2017. Also 2017 has a lot of games I would like to buy. Definitely not a good year for my wallet.

  2. 2016 is done with and good riddance! I am keeping my fingers crossed for kamen rider blade thus year