Saturday, December 3, 2016

Tokusatsu in review: Chouriki Sentai Ohranger Intro/Part 1

Your franchise-Cancellation-threatening series is in another castle.
Seriously, that was Fiveman; Ohranger never caused that.  Stop spreading that it did.

Tokusatsu in review: Chouriki Sentai Ohranger... by ShintaReviews

Tokusatsu in Review: Chouriki Sentai Ohranger... by ShintaReviews


  1. you know, the hole thing that happened to ohranger reminds me of what happened to ultraman nexus, only instead of the story being heaveley altered (it was a bit but not much), they straight up canceled it, so really, in both cases, there are somethings we can't really complain about.

  2. The enemies of this series are machines with thoughts and wills of their own and their goal is to show superiority and to "change the world" as I like to call it. So they are the Mavericks from the Megaman X series right? Because they sound like Maverick talk to me.

    1. The Mavericks were just the same as any Rampant Robotic AI to begin with, so they're more just one sect of a very generic classification. Fiction generally shows a fear to synthetic lifeforms of any kind, it's just we as a people are paranoid of technology taking over.

  3. Wait a minute....Kenichi's dad in the flashback...took me a while to figure it out but that's Burai! And he's wearing (olive) green too!

    Anyway, I kinda agree with the whole setting the precursor race that insanely far back, considering Earth's inhospitable nature then. I DO understand the appeal of setting it on a supercontinent, so as to make the remnants of that ancient civilization far-reaching across all modern continents. Believe me, I thought of doing that before realizing that it really would just be better to avoid the logistic hurdles and just go with a similar time frame to what you suggested. Even the idea that they may have had bodies that could survive such harsh environments, but that idea is itself a ludicrous stretch for many reasons, pseudo-science included. I seriously doubt they had uber-adaptable bodies like Ultimate Kars, but then they wouldn't be wiped out since repopulation wouldn't even be a concern.

    One last note, the idea of Atlantis being absurdly advanced for its time and compared to the present at that is nothing new, but call me out of the loop for not being aware of the trope that it influenced other civilizations outside of the Disney movie. What other media use that trope ?

  4. Hi big fan, you mention that sentai have problems with its anniversary seasons I'm curious to the extent these problems are to the seasons. If you can provide an article detailing it that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all the great videos, you are my favorite reviewer of toku and I hope in the future you could do a review on Zyuohger as it's the 40th anniversary, and it also got me back into toku.

    1. It's not so much an article, but a list of seasons and events meant as anniversary's that end up being really bad, have bad shit happen to them, or become a cause of awful content. Goaranger vs Super sentai was a horrible clipshow, Boukenger overall began the severe ratings decline and inspired a lot of the stupid crap that made overdrive a poorly considered season, Goseiger was meh, and it and Gokaiger...had Megaforce happen to them. Liveman (Which was counted as series 10 at the time) was unintentionally the reason the show almost got cancelled as it caused Hirohisa soda's burnout, Jetman was a victim of it's own success in how the next several shows had a matching drop in writing quality, and Ninninger....oh my god, that was horrible. I kind of think now they were expecting the anniversary crap and intentionally made that show a piece of shit...if it weren't for the fact they keep trying to advertise and promote it over other shows, to the point they subverted the standard "Vs super sentai' event this year for just another Ninninger vechile.
      And that's Just Sentai; Blade while not entirely awful (and this was more of a result of others shows as my reviews have gotten into) tanked Kamen Rider to the point they almost canned the show again, and if it weren't for Shigenori Takatera adapting another ishinomori Idea and they insisitng they slap the kamen Rider label on it we wouldn't have gotten hibiki (Coinflip of that being a good thing considering what happened to it) to begin the Heisei Era's issues. The first/NExt movies are popualrly reviled and I got into that in the magfest reviews, Decade is infamous, and most of the suck past that relates to the spring movies where it's consolidated into super-turds...Bar ghost that got bad due to it's head writer being inexperienced and the show overall being screwed over due to Amazons...which in turn did so bad online that they immediately broke contracts to run it on television/tried to put it out to other markets.
      Metal heroes? Spielban exhausted the Space sheriff concept...ironicly resulting in some good as it got them to spread out on their concepts for that franchise. Solbrain's said to be the weak point in the rescue hero trilogy, and B-Fighter kabuto...inadvertently lead to the franchise's decline as it's mixed reception despite high viewership lead to the retool in Kabutack and robotack which killed it.
      Sailor Moon stars is considered the worst of the original anime seasons, The fifth and to an extent tenth year of one piece went insane with horribly-received filler arcs and unecessary stetching of the story (Sabaody and impel down got tedious FAST), Precure 5 GOGoGo was seen by many as an unecessary sequel, the Buu Arc for DBZ was where people became exhausted with it and thus where most of dragonball's horrible movies got made, digimon went on hiatus as Toei/Bandai disavowed X-Evolution despite it not being a bad movie and them continuously recycling it's yggdrasil/royal knights story points; and it's 10th anniversary had Shouji Yonemura fuck over what was good in Xros wars.
      yes, he was one of Xros Wars' main writers. there's a reason I call him a Hack.

      And that's just the things that have lasted 5/10/etecetera years that have had the commonality that once they hit a significant anniversary milestone; the time in which they are celebrating that milestone is where the show goes to crap before recovering...if it even can recover.